(Nordkapp Raid)

4 Managers escape Equitalia to try to reach the “boundaries of the world” on their scooter

Wild Hogs - Cinghiali selvaggi is the Italian title of the film made in 2007 starring John Travolta, M. Lawrence, T. Allen and W.H. Macy. Four friends in their middle age crisis take a long journey to California on their motorcycles. The purpose of this journey is the research of lost youth and the escape of the everyday routine. However from the beginning of the story the bikers,more used to the sedentary lifestyle in front of their pc than to a bike seat and a life on the asphalt have an unpleasant encounter. We hope the same doesn’t happen to our Wild Hogs, Maurizio Desio, Giuseppe Schipani, Vittorio Ravot e Luca Ferrari who have decided to undertake a very challenging mission. To be honest, this trip is beyond their possibilities: arrive to Nordkapp on scooters, in 5 days, during winter time. This means up to 14 hours a day on the road, on snow and ice, in the conditions of constant dark and with temperatures of minus 20 and minus 30. During low season there are no many tourists around, when the hotels are closed, with the distance of almost 500 km each round. Our Wild Hogs are four managers in burnout state, fed up with office stress and harassed by the IRS who are escaping Equitalia. None of them is a professional driver, none of them is a specialist in extreme missions, none of them is a biker or an expert in bikes on ice, none of them has ever been to Norway and especially not on a motorbike.

What is the purpose of this mission? Reach, in one way or another (even on the back of a reindeer if necessary) the ice of Cape North, where Equitalia doesn’t exist and then, once they reach the borders of the world, make a toast to the successful escape with crystal glasses of the finest Italian champagne.

“Once we are out of range of the Italian tax office” explains the head of expedition M. Desio, “the possibilities for us are different. We may decide not to go back to Italy, or we will simply disappear and return as someone else.” L. Ferrari adds: “One thing is certain: when we arrive to Nordkapp, we will celebrate a ritual in honor of Vetter, an ancient guardian spirit of the wild Norwegian coasts, hoping to transform Equitalia in a Charity company. Who knows, maybe we will succeed!”

Anything is possible in this expedition? “Of course”, responds V. Ravot, “even miracles! The important thing is to arrive to the target.”

What else can we say: Wild Hogs, we are with you.



WHERE: Norway

WHEN: from Dec 26th until Jan 8th 2017

HOW: On scooter



OSLO - TRONDHEIM: 519 km / 14 h 8 min

TRONDHEIM - MO I RANA: 477 KM / 12 h 6 min

MO I RANA - NARVIK: 424 km / 11 h 14 min

NARVIK - ALTA: 503 km / 12 h 46 min

ALTA - NORDKAPP: 242 km / 6 h 25 min




Name: Maurizio Desio

Age: 62

Profession: CEO Datatex

Prerogative: imponderable calm



Name: Vittorio Ravot

Age: 58

Profession: Business Advisor

Prerogative: Indestructible



Name: Giuseppe Schipani

Age: 43

Profession: Ceo Repiks

Prerogative: The evil genius



Name: Luca Ferrari

Age: 54

Profession: Sales Manager

Prerogative: Wisdom



Interview to the crew

The first video format where none pretends there is no cameraman. Or better still, the fifth member of the expedition is in fact the television crew. To be honest, the director, the operator and the photographer are not that convinced that the four managers who are more accustomed to their cell phones than to the Northern ice can succeed in such a difficult task even for a professional.


“Me and my team will follow along”, says the director Fiammeta Ravot, “We want to document this expedition. One young German boy has hardly made it till the end in one month time. They won’t make it, it will certainly be one hilarious documentary.”

She, along with the operator Stefania Gilardi (both motorcyclists) and the photographer Mirko Codara will follow the expedition of our Wild Hogs in a camper. “Also our trip will be other than easy”, she comments. The risks are high, to shoot in those light conditions and with those temperatures will be quite a challenge.”

We will see how it goes.



The Schiper’s faithful and inseparable companion, Zito Lupus from Isma Silente is one wonderful 2 year old German shepherd, an admirable example of loyalty and resistance. The two have a symbiotic relationship to the point where one doesn’t know who is the animal and who is the human. If Zito’s virtues can perhaps be inspirational for the crew, certainly face the frozen North “with bare feet” won’t be an easy task for the young wolf.